Found this in my drafts 🤷♂️

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Trinie 💓 @trinity.joyce26

that gave me hella anxiety

8850 4 months ago

kaylee <3 @kayleexinfinity

I felt my heart drop lmao

7056 4 months ago

hy☀️🌻 @hylerr


3980 4 months ago

🇹🇷 @e.b222

ich dachte bin die einzige die einen herzinfarkt bekommen hat lel

28 3 months ago

sarah⚡ @_sarahsngr_

@emmaluna385 ich habe mich voll erschreckt Idk wieso HAHAHAHA

159 3 months ago

Brandon Robert @thebrandonrobert

Why did this make me jump 😂

44 4 months ago

It’syerboi @notansjw

This scared the SHIT out of me

824 4 months ago

SamIAm @wolfer1234

"this scared me".... can't relate. I just laughed lol

427 4 months ago

Maddy <3 @madison.gill_

why did that scare me lmao

2995 4 months ago

raelovelyy @raelovelyy

Why did this give me a heart attack

131 3 months ago

zebrachick05 @aggravatedhooligan

Um my throat dropped into my stomach!

714 4 months ago

I’m no hoe👹🔥 @itzurbixchh

Also y tf u have so many bottles of beer in ur window…?😂😂

239 3 months ago

Sophie @sophie.o3o

Alda schock

61 3 months ago

Chantel @chantillylace

I literally came to the comments to see if anyone else had a spike in anxiety

215 4 months ago

halie @halie_lynn

That actually scared me lmaooo

34 3 months ago

Karen Plankton @rawrxdroyalty

I think he just collects cool bottles

8 3 months ago

brookelynn @brookelynn_n

that ACTUALLY scared the shit out of me

5 3 months ago

💕Faith💕 @faith_edits


3 3 months ago

carolinewinter68 @carolinewinter68

This scared me ngl😅

2 1 week ago