I know you can’t see it that well but eh #doodle #art #car #bored #foryou

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Kitten😘 @saveit4arainyday

oh good now it has no value

277 3 months ago

SlowMoPrincess™ @_.angel.eyes.ali._


55 3 months ago

Mr.Scooter @mynameisscooter

“How dare you do something that affects you and you only!!!” 😂 that is all I’m hearing

116 3 months ago

SlowMoPrincess™ @_.angel.eyes.ali._

We’re not selling the damn car guys. Chill.

57 3 months ago

iM sUcH a ReBeL @the.demon.is.here

U should paint over it with paint pens👍🏼👍🏼

7 1 week ago

Connor Neufeld @bigcountry5.9

if you think permanent marker is actually permanent you should rethink yourself.

63 3 months ago

Allie Leounis @allieleounis

I wouldn't permanently mark a cars interior like that, especially if you plan on selling or trading

236 3 months ago

areo lynos @lynos560

What’s thats such a amazing idea 💡!! 👍👍👍

118 3 months ago

Em Lynn🌻 @emily.magoon

I hope you never plan on selling your car😂

29 3 months ago

SlowMoPrincess™ @_.angel.eyes.ali._

Did you not see that we’re not selling the car?

21 3 months ago

elloannaty @elloannaty

*Gets hit in the back* *Marker smears everywhere.* OH SH**!

4 1 week ago

😜rara😜 @rara_thebest

The things we do for tiktok 😂

4 1 week ago

ellakanderson @littlejay33

I don’t get why people would not buy the car because of that ? It’s cool

5 2 weeks ago

Ale’s world @alejandrareyes1106


3 1 week ago

🌹Rose🌹 @leprettyrose

To the people bein rude, it’s HER car and HER Life. Back off and let ppl do what they want.

4 1 week ago

Amanda Foster @awakenedforces

yeah that really ups the resale value..

52 3 months ago

Haylee Collins @low_key_country

ever hear of a doodle doll?? well this is the grown up version kids, yall kids cant say anything😂😂

8 3 months ago

HeyLookImGay @heylookimgayandlikedhmis

THANK YOU! They’ve literally confirmed that they’re not selling it! 👏👏👏

3 1 week ago

KStan @kstandy

I sold a car with signatures from friends in it, the car was a POS, CarMax gave me 2k. You’ll get $$

5 3 months ago

IsabellaLeec13 @isabellaleec13

cool, but why would you want to draw on your car.😕

2 1 week ago