im resorting to posting drafts again

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Cassidy K @implicitdemand9

blink 182 is running out of ideas again and this is proof

637 5 months ago

mads @stevebussme

this is just how everyone talked in 2005

220 5 months ago

Deleted @kadies_kore

For some reason the “ohhh yeaaa” was my favorite part

302 5 months ago

¿ a n n a ¿ @underscoreannaa

Me when my mom is making dinner and I’m trying to annoy her

219 5 months ago

Emma @xxxemmamariexxx

We love indie singers

51 5 months ago

emmaleigh @emmaleighuh

nobody: olivertree:

34 5 months ago

d4nny @sellnoods4robux

you sound like tigers jaw

16 4 months ago

Simöne Eats Toes @sadladshmöne

This my favourite Blink-182 song 🥰🥰

80 5 months ago

☕️ @aymafumeo

It actually sounds like him

13 4 months ago

Lauren Harbour @peachpie1232

Okay why do you kind of look like Zach from why don’t. We

2 2 months ago

that moldy cheese🤢 @strangegvrl

why do u talk in all caps

14 5 months ago

Juliana @jewelzxv

Oliver tree?

9 4 months ago

Cami Roebuck @camiroebuck

I love The Front Bottoms!

7 4 months ago

ImUrBoyRoy @freyfroy

u sound like greenday a little bit. lol

38 5 months ago

Lauren🍼 @laurenn.18

NoT gOnNa LiE ur kinda cute

14 5 months ago

🌸 cece 🌸 @frecklefiend

I love Neckdeep

5 5 months ago

em0ti0nless.em0 @cadenhaven

his life in a musical

1 1 month ago

Victoria @vanilla_mint_chip

Boys from Santa Cruz California be like:

1 2 months ago

Swiftnynja @swiftnynja

I don’t see any problem with this

5 5 months ago

Fioanaana @goodcheapgang

Why is this on my fyp 12 weeks later

1 2 months ago