Weekends = mini spa day 😍 #foryou #foryoupage #selfcare #relax #beauty #skincare #facemask #calming

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ѦґїѦηѦℊґѦη∂℮βʊ†℮ґѦ @armitafanofariana

She has worked for that money so why can't she spend it on anything she wants?

1 1 month ago

𓃠 ᴋᴀʏʟᴇᴇ 𓃰 @kaykaybeth

people do what they want with their money, so like

250 2 months ago

The Saltiest Potato @thesaltiestpotato

It's her money, and you have no right to tell her what to do with it. She worked for that money.

3 2 months ago

cartoon drawings✏️ @cartoon_4_kids

You can’t tell people what to do with money they worked for and she’s probably just treating herself

128 2 months ago

CHipOtLeE @_chloe.barrett_

That looks so nice 😮 😮 😮

10 2 months ago

Livyyy's girl🤙🏼💗 @queen.em.x

omg my sister goton my phone🙄😂

4 2 months ago

angelwingz316 @angelwingz316

Or someone can just post whatever they want without ppl commenting negatively.

4 2 months ago

ThAnK yOu FoR 300k 🥳 @paintmasterpiece_me

This is a free country sis

3 2 months ago

SageF143 @sagef143

They earned that money so stop hating they can spend it how they like 😡

2 2 months ago

Aventine911 @aventine911

The only glitter was in the peel off face mask so... pretty sure she's ok.

2 2 months ago

Lavionn Jordan @queenlavi99

I hope u have a good time don’t listen to the haters at all u do what u want ☺️😊🤗

26 2 months ago

@PerfectlyParis @parisalexus

Now that’s the life

5 2 months ago

¿ b e l l a ? @bxllarosa

It’s not a waste. She’s enjoying herself with a nice spa.

19 2 months ago

zιуα∂αツ •{0.4k}• @ziy_schonebaum

She worked for the money. You can’t tell people how to live their lives.

2 2 months ago

💮 @aki_cos

If they have the money they can do / buy what they want

2 2 months ago

Yeni @judiemcbootybooty

is it your money? no, it's theirs so they can spend it the way they want too

15 2 months ago

Layla @layla_rocks123meh

It’s there money they can do what they want it’s called freedom...

71 2 months ago

Spooky Jim @.im.a_regional_bandito

Anyone else notice snow fairy is fairytales opening song?!

31 2 months ago

✨🌼ᔕ ᗩ G I E🌼✨ @a_pinenut

I have that same bath bubble thingy

12 2 months ago

terraannvining11 @tiktoklover54321

That’s probably there hard owned money and they can do anything they want with it!!

12 2 months ago