Working on this maze every day until it’s finished #foryou #maze #art #drawing

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. @ㄒㄖ卂丂ㄒ

I don’t have the patience for this

12967 1 month ago

Shaydon @itzshadyboi

*accidental spills water on paper

10046 1 month ago

[email protected] @prinzessin20.17

Ich hätte nach 5 Minuten kein Bock mehr😂😂wer noch? Erinnert mich wenn sie fertig ist——————>

212 1 month ago

Leilani 🌸 @.awhxleilani

I would have a mental break down on the first day. 💀

7117 1 month ago

Luis Gon @luisgon7

te estan buscando para que hagas la siguiente película de maze runner

170 1 month ago

VR6 GameKiller @vr6_gamekiller

Erinnert mich, wenn sie fertig ist 😅

426 1 month ago

🦄ASIA🦄 @asia_monteleone

la mia voglia di fare sta roba è tale a 0

130 1 month ago

JaiyVee @jaiyvee

Is it his me or it literally looks like those brain lines 😂 😂 😂

839 1 month ago

Lena @reallkd

My first thought

133 1 month ago

maddie_rules380 @maddie_rules380

That would annoy me if I did that

1 9 hours ago

Char @charluht

Something I would do

159 1 month ago

🦋 @sunflower13311

Raga a me viene un tic nervoso se provo a fare ste cose

33 1 month ago

philjav3 @philjav3

Perfect song for this maze

777 1 month ago

всегда первый🤐 @twatviez7649

Не волнуйся мы всегда здесь!! 😎

107 1 month ago

❤Puja Gharti Magar❤ @puju_6117

if I was there I would take 1/4 of a A4 size sheet 😂😆😆😆

5 4 weeks ago

Char @charluht

I should be studying for finals right now tbh

503 1 month ago

Lpspuppylover @los_puppylover

(3days later) I QUIT ITS TO SMALL

13 1 month ago

user5350513000871 @xx.theangiememe.xx

2 minutes later... *YEETS paper in toilet* Bye bye *The satisfying sound of flushing*

5 3 weeks ago

Square earth society @whyismynamenotmine

It looks cool already can’t wait till it’s done

3468 1 month ago