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Dad @oh_hey_dad

when you cant even love yourselfπŸ˜ͺ

1666 1 month ago

🌸seri🌸 @seriously.seri

@kevboyperry your girl feeling a bit lonely

947 1 month ago

flighthouse @flighthouse

sELf lOvE

26 1 week ago

Remy @remytherodent

@kevboyperry she lonely bro

43 1 month ago

Katherine M 😁 @katherine_08

The disappointment when it goes wrong lmao 🀣

419 1 month ago

Mersedeh @mersedeh_o

@kevboyperry Come one man😐

86 1 month ago

⚑️VΞ±Ξ±Ι³ΞΉΖ™Ξ±βš‘οΈ @hawt_kermit

Someone get @kevboyperry

15 1 month ago

Umm hiii @ihatemylife_dou

*@kevboyperry has left the chat*

209 1 month ago

β“šβ“”β“β““β“β“›β“›β“’β“”β“’β“˜β“› @π–Žπ–™π–Žπ–˜π–π–Šπ–“π–‰π–†π–‘π–‘

@kevboyperry you needa come fix this situation

94 1 month ago

Umm hiii @ihatemylife_dou

@kevboyperry come get your girl,she is lonely

140 1 month ago

Ryan @hyanitsryan

You look so offended

100 1 month ago

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘‰ @senpai_problems

Last time I saw someone that disappointed my teacher was telling be about my grades

30 1 month ago

Aaron @aaronxcooper

when you disappeared i felt that :/

56 1 month ago

dorette @dorette107

this made me laugh so hardπŸ˜‚

11 1 month ago

amartinparty @amartinparty

1 Like = 1 Knife In My Back PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!

3 1 week ago

lauren @generation.why

@π”’π”«π”‘π”€π”žπ”ͺ𝔒 ur brand

4 1 month ago

Chesquick @unpocoloco000

your brain on ecstasy

2 1 month ago

Daniel Yang415 @danielyang415

The best movie about self-love: predestination

4 1 month ago

MrPhanthomacc @mrphanthom

Oh shoot, that’s new, you are still perfect

5 1 month ago

shifa meenaz @shifameenaz

@apoorva.gowda me

1 1 month ago