Here’s a draft for ya 🤣 #foryou #foryourpage #funny #comedy #draft

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flighthouse @flighthouse


8 1 week ago

Joseph Whiskey Beale @josephwhiskeybeal

Ooooo, you in danger, run!!!!!

131 1 month ago

Stevesgonewild @stevesgonewild

⚠️ watch out broski⚠️ that little f-er loves to tickle

97 1 month ago

Fatty @chunkychunkchunkyiest150

I was sitting by Elmo while I was watching this and I threw him in the fire place like if funny

6 3 weeks ago

[email protected] @elmoworld10000

Oh my God?!!

3 1 week ago

Stena @codestena


7 1 week ago

Mahogany *LOX* 🔒 @mahoganylox

Oh my gosh 😂😂😂😂

9 1 week ago

amartinparty @amartinparty

1 Like = 1 Knife In My Back PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!

4 1 week ago

HoldTheElevator @holdtheelevator

Yes it was very sweet! Miss molly at the mall(:

64 1 month ago

user3081127104247 @user3081127104247


1 1 week ago

alexandrafaye77 @alexandra.f.roche

that happened to me

1 1 day ago

galakticheskizahvat @marmokfans

просто дай ему печенек

4 1 month ago

Gillian @gillianlgunn


4 1 month ago

Lil Wolfie foxy @rockstarcinnamonfoxy

OMG Elmo the killer 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

4 4 weeks ago

S.K.cheese @s.k.cheese

What did you do?! Did you destroy his camera or forget how to make rectangles from squares!?

2 1 week ago

Tik Toker @kyletheletterj

Batman dies in endgame

8 1 month ago

Patota @heitorgzp

Kkkkkkkkkkkkk amei [laughwithtears][laughwithtears][laughwithtears][laughwithtears]

0 1 month ago

dahmuffinman @dahmuffinman116

💀💀💀 someone’s trying to tickle you mate!

3 1 month ago

Alex @alexchanl


3 1 month ago

Old Nugget @old_nugget

I used to be TERRIFIED by Elmo when I was younger. I wold cry or scream every time the show came on

3 1 month ago