All the glitter #becolorstreet #manicure #glitter

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Любовь Монастырева @любовьмонастырева

как это называется и где такое взять? крато

83 1 month ago

tvoy.batya @stup1d_girl

вспомнила ту дефку с небритыми подмыхами

180 1 month ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

Get them here

675 1 month ago

💛•🖤•💜 @flamingg_hot_cheetos

That’s the laziest shit I’ve ever seen mad respect for that

589 1 month ago

Sofia💫 @sofia.582

Geil was is das und wo gibts das🤣

225 1 month ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

they're not sold in stores

340 1 month ago

UNICORN POWER 🦄🦄🦄 @brookezer

Me and my mom do these for people 🥰

2 1 week ago

Светлана Тилль @drako_lana

нахуя тогда эти ваши гель лаки ебана

5 2 weeks ago

itsiahduh 😍💜 @itsiahduh..2707

I always wonder how them things work everytime I got them I never put them

4 1 week ago

MadisON @unique_lil_boi


2 1 week ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

right?! they last forever!!

3 1 week ago

Emberly Dennis @emberlyd05


2 1 week ago

🍯нσиєу¢σмв🍯 @kochouflower

Omg that’s how u use it

2 1 week ago

susimcalle2010 @susimcalle2010

Were do you got that

2 1 week ago

Izzy @isabell2947

The title should of been when you don’t want to sit and paint your nails

2 1 week ago

𝒜𝓊𝑔𝓊𝓈𝓉 @august._.dreams

I use them it’s like put on nail polish that’s already dried

2 1 week ago

nadialeprr @nadialeprr


2 1 week ago

Bãÿłėìgh🥀 @bayleighanned_tiktokgirl

They are supposed to stay on for 2 weeks but mine stayed on for about a month

2 1 week ago