All the glitter #becolorstreet #manicure #glitter

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平 野 の り っ ぷ 💄 @syo.0129.1113

っえ、シールじゃないんですか?笑 ネイルシールだから簡単に剥せると思いますけど...😅

2 1 month ago



1 1 month ago

Thaemi Martins @thaemimartins1

bem melhor do q pintar kkkk [flushed]

48 1 month ago

Любовь Моя @lyubov_moya

как это называется и где такое взять? крато

102 3 months ago

--- @stup1d_girl

вспомнила ту дефку с небритыми подмыхами

211 3 months ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

Get them here

707 3 months ago

🇩🇿•❤️•🇩🇿 @algerianaducoin

That’s the laziest shit I’ve ever seen mad respect for that

651 3 months ago

Zelia Ferreira Dias @zeliaferreiradias

ADeus as manicures

24 2 months ago

Sofia💫 @sofia.582

Geil was is das und wo gibts das🤣

227 3 months ago

+ConhecidaComoSaraH @souumaporta

Como acabar com o mercado das manicures elas entraram em colapso

9 1 month ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

they're not sold in stores

361 3 months ago

Giulia Martins Moreira @giuliamartinsmore

Onde encontro a fita e quanto custa?

15 3 months ago

user182394 @spreston412

I’ve herd that song before

297 3 months ago

Светлана @drako_lana

нахуя тогда эти ваши гель лаки ебана

13 2 months ago

Maddie Armella @maddiearmella

Who remembers this song from Disney movies?

3 2 months ago

itsiahduh 😍💜 @itsiahduh..2707

I always wonder how them things work everytime I got them I never put them

8 2 months ago

JJ Jellyfish @userr__undefinded

Why don’t you use them?? Do they not stay on well?

106 3 months ago

Ashley Brabec-Bowers @ashleybrabec-bowe

you might have some oils still left on your nails. try using a ph dehydrator beforehand.

27 3 months ago