Computer love #foryou

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Mememan13 @user140510967

You didn’t play the Dino game

3 1 week ago

GachaKpopGalaxyGalZM @gachakpopgalaxygirl_zai

True it happens to me too [excited][excited][excited][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]

1 2 days ago

Kaila McBride @kailamcbride

Well you could play the dinosaur game using the space key 🤣🤣

2 1 week ago

🖤VAL🖤 @valeriachunkgirl


2 1 week ago

formerly pretzeldicc @thicciesmalls

I screamed when I saw your account

440 1 month ago

Yee yee @zehringp

Where you been dad

2 1 month ago

KAT @tíakat

wow I thought you were gonna play the dinosaur game

2 1 month ago

always smiling @nicemichael

oh well hello there :)

268 1 month ago

flighthouse @flighthouse

anyone else confused

53 1 week ago

chris melberger @chrismelberger

haha ahhaa

51 1 month ago

Jordan Randall @sunny_boii

Am I the only one here who doesnt get wtf is goin in in this video

111 1 month ago

Julia 💗 @cat.love101

He didn’t play the dinosaur game

1 3 days ago

Itsjustmorgan @itsjustmorgang


1 1 month ago

orangelover18 @orange_lover18

Wh at are you doing on eher

4 1 month ago

Elliott @_elliart_

Dude another Viner on here!!! This is awesome!!

12 1 month ago

BRANDON.P @dip_brandon31

Be seeing you JHON WICK...

4 3 weeks ago

𝕵𝖆𝖉𝖊 @dumb.bitchj

Song ?

4 1 month ago

tylersnmus @tylersnmus


256 1 month ago

Noen Eubanks @noeneubanks

@mattwillpost is a dad

89 1 month ago

It’s yo girl Reese😄 @allaroundreese

Me too

2 1 week ago