my mom buying food for a homeless man ❤️ #foryou #justdidagoodthing #gooddeeds #helpthehomeless

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🌴Ełlië🌴 @emacc002

you know what, some homeless people can be Angel's from heaven, and that'sjustacoldheartedthingtosay

1 2 weeks ago

Janettmercado_ @janett_mercado

She’s a very generous person and I wanted others to witness it. I’m not asking for likes or fans.

892 3 months ago

laxie_.x @lakie_sha.11

🤦🏽 ♀️neidisch weil sie Geld hatt um was zu teilen 😂

641 3 months ago

🌻𝓝𝓮𝓼𝓵𝓲𝓱𝓪𝓷🌻 @neslihaneasy

Warum geht man auf Eltern?, kannst mal froh sein das es so welche Menschen gibt die einen helfen💭

115 3 months ago

КАРТАВЫЙ @ссамика

русские как обычно со своим юмором.... нет бы так же помогать

31 2 months ago

🦋🤩 @dripy_honey

God bless your moms soul she so sweet🦋💕

162 3 months ago

Mimüü @30mimi05

In Germany we say ”Ehrenfrau“

18 3 months ago

plantatree @plantatree


5 2 weeks ago

Regina Ramírez ♥️ @reginaram16

Que linda, Dios la bendiga. Diosito se lo recompensera ❤

8 2 months ago

Janettmercado_ @janett_mercado

I know she’s a sweetheart. She does it all the time! I’m going to start catching her in the act ❤️

568 3 months ago

Janettmercado_ @janett_mercado

Aww at least she tried. Yeah my mom asked the man if he’d like some food and he was really happy.

206 3 months ago

Yani @yanithriller

Зачем так на своего отца ?

37 3 months ago

user7787232335110 @user7787232335110

She is a very kindhearted person I am going to like and follow you

1 1 week ago

Janettmercado_ @janett_mercado

There’s people out there ❤️

5 3 months ago

𝙰𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚌 💛 @ĥőńĕŷ

You’re mom is sooo sweet😍

132 3 months ago

NOORA💙. @n_a36

امج كفووو😂❤️

5 1 month ago

#MADSPANDAS @madisonloconte

love you mom!

51 3 months ago

sevil🧡 @sevil_sls

@tifenn_gre je trouve ça tellement gentil

35 3 months ago

✰ Isabella ✰ @isabellaloveyahiza

Awww you mom than a nicest thing

27 3 months ago

xzlonez @lonezc

I know where your at!!!!

3 2 months ago