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Dude this is hilarious. One comment: There should be one of you spinning in circles 😂

1111 3 weeks ago

Ikeallenboss @meandfoods

I’ve never seen something more true in my life

506 3 weeks ago

Faisal @qewee

🤣🤣🤣 this is exactly what iOS did to me LOL

2 1 day ago

user326609 @kateashling

Please stop calling out my computer like this. She’s trying.

71 3 weeks ago

nvthis101 @nvthis101


4 3 weeks ago

Mathilde @mathilde_blvn


2 2 weeks ago

Bird_Tails @birdtails

This is underrated 😂👌

64 3 weeks ago

PrinceofGotham @princeofgotham

this doesn't have nearly enough likes. it's so true! 😂

212 3 weeks ago

sincerely, Alana @nightmares.sweetdreams

this actually is true

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3 2 weeks ago

insane iNSAnE @insaneinsane4

Nice Retro Jason shirt

2 1 week ago

Christine Little @thextinelittle

Omg, hilarious

2 1 week ago

Marina @marina321go

This is effin fabulous and super relatable 😂😂

3 2 weeks ago

Lilly Brantley @lilly_brantley1

Murr form impractical jokers????? Is that you???

1 3 days ago

Mathilde @mathilde_blvn


1 4 days ago

Matt @mattsmixtape

Hey I’m happy I have anybody watching at all 🥰

85 3 weeks ago

Riley @rileytruck

This is a video I didn’t even know I was waiting for until now👌

3 3 weeks ago

N/A @klyntarhost

Why does this have to be

1 1 week ago

Georgia Taylor @gdt6789998212


3 3 weeks ago

Jakub Wrona @jakubwrona13


1 1 week ago