I made a friend. #scienceiscool #ocean

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user291493 @user29149391

Glad he didn't get cut on motor

5272 2 weeks ago

Strange Englishman @logan.jac

I would of been way to tempted to pet him

4301 2 weeks ago

Sunflower 🐝🌸🌞❤ @florencerammstein

dites vous qu'à cause de nous ces adorables créatures disparaissent...

1 16 minutes ago

minidachshundcharlie @charliethedox

water doggo doin a meet n greet.

2989 2 weeks ago

user4614630364665 @user4614630364665

voll süss der Besuch von Seelöwen best Friend

199 2 weeks ago

AnkaHooliganka @ankahoolliganka

❤️Вот и как можно такую красоту в неволе держать?

39 2 weeks ago

Gina @knallfrosch_gina

Muss man halt aufpassen dass die nicht in die Schiffsschraube rein geraten.

144 2 weeks ago

KassyDillon @kassydillon

Btw guys. I did pet him when he came back! Also he wasn’t running from a shark.

1195 2 weeks ago

Ian @iantheimpaler

“Pardon me, but I heard there was fish on this cruise?”

261 2 weeks ago

ATFruge @atfruge54

Probably a shark in the area he is trying to get away from.

1498 2 weeks ago

SoWaCoBro @sowacobro

he was doing a plastic straw check!

432 2 weeks ago

👑QUEEN👑 @moonlxghtv

The other seal is like “get oofff leave the humans alone”

896 2 weeks ago

Claudia @cloodatious

I’m crying this is so cute

9 1 week ago

❥ vous le valez bien @hey.its.lzrd

I was getting paranoid so thank god you said this😂🤧

285 2 weeks ago

user396478 @user396478600

I would have touched the water doggo no doubt[embarrassed]

549 2 weeks ago

Chinita @sarimarmuniz

I said “omg hiiii” as if she/he could hear me 😭😂

148 2 weeks ago

Allie @kitkatalliecat

All the comments about a shark probably stalking them has ruined the video for me 😭😭

167 2 weeks ago

chloe @chloisahoee

they won’t be here soon if we keep up pollution

11 2 weeks ago

Dragon Gamer @dragongamer997

Wait.... I’m dumb but.. Seals have ears!?!? I did not know this XDD

7 1 week ago


I would totally pet this sea dog

10 1 week ago