If your a boy you will understand the last part #fyp #paintdoor #foryoupage #comedy

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Crazy_Cacy @fugu_rita

that's not what he means

4 2 months ago

Noor Omar @nooromar_2008


1 2 months ago

matthewmarshall1564 @youngmatt19

what is it then

1 2 weeks ago

Ali$ha A$lam 🖤 @_alish.x_

What the hell is it?? Somebody please EXPLAIN.

1 1 month ago

-~•BTSARMY•~- @anionaagentwalker

I don’t understand

1 1 month ago

Love @luna_juni

Me too

1 2 months ago

Isabel Varetsa @isabelvaretsa

I know right same

1 2 months ago

Ethans girl😁💙 @bxbbyy.lexxxxx

Sameee haha

1 1 week ago

Taylor Larson @xxsister._.nuggetxx

Spill the tea pls!

1 2 months ago

Lykiela @lykiela25

Lol me neither haha

1 2 months ago

Veda 🍫 @veda_chocolatewoman

Who’s going to tell her?

1 1 month ago

Brooke @http.brooke.com.tiktok

Well um, not exactly.

1 1 month ago

Brooke @http.brooke.com.tiktok

uhm not rly sis

1 1 month ago

Peppa.........😏 @graciejohnson15

Your young and innocent. Stay that way

1 2 months ago

Grocerycart @grocerycart7

Uh I think you are to young to understand...I’m not a guy and I know

1 2 months ago

🥀Follow For Follow🥀 @victoriaxjulian

Not even a boy and I understand

38741 2 months ago

Maja🙂💔 @_.its._.maja._

Ich bin kein Junge aber ich verstehe ihn trozdem baaa 😂

2380 2 months ago

Amelia Jean😋 @_amelia_jean_

girls that understand--------->

671 2 months ago

we don’t even know @andiooof

who is gonna tell her

12917 2 months ago