The last day in the classroom is so bittersweet 😭😭 #foryou #featureme #hodsquad #hererightnow

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monochrome skies @monochrome_skies

where are my British kids that are stuck in prison until July?

695 2 weeks ago

🐺Nik🦎 @little....nik

RIP .Are you planning some lit videos over the summer?

294 2 weeks ago

👑Rachel👑 @officially_._rachel

Can’t relate I’m stuck until June 14

175 2 weeks ago

🦔Rachel🦔 @_.rachelriche._

I’m stuck at school until June 27th

33 2 weeks ago

ISABELLA PADILLA @isabella_0007

Lucky I’m stuck until June 21st

25 1 week ago

🤠. @𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗮

cant relate im in school till july 19th or summin

20 2 weeks ago

#YellowForChase 💛 @peterthecanine

My last day is the 21st of June.. 😅😬

30 2 weeks ago

Becm @baconeggcheesemcgriddle

I finish June 7th wtf

22 2 weeks ago

nikki @nikkiu.x

I have 5 more weeks to go😞

38 2 weeks ago

🌸Chrissy🌸 @pintsizedmama


1 2 weeks ago

catqueen @catqueenyeah

I'm wondering when everyone who gets out in July starts...We got out MY 24th but go back beg. of Aug

58 2 weeks ago

lauren.scales88 @nòva

is anyone gonna talk about his nice yeezy's

5 1 week ago

miley @mileyiscringey

you look so lonely in this 😭😭😭😭😭😭

8 2 weeks ago

$ümmęr.ツ @justxxs

In June 28th ;-;

3 1 week ago

✨Kiromu✨ @kiromucosplay

Pffff I’ve got to wait another 8 weeks

6 2 weeks ago

RykuSenpai @rykusenpai

mine is on 14 June >:)

6 2 weeks ago

🤪💕Djenabou🤪 💕 @qüeen_beë

Ikr I always cry on the last day

4 2 weeks ago

Brian Valentas @vicious0soldier

I know the feeling, I get attached to 28 kindergarteners and then they have to leave the nest😢

5 2 weeks ago

Natasha R. @nruzin_2007

hAhA i GeT oUt On JuNe 20Th LoLoLol

2 6 days ago

Avacado @damia1234567890126

im confused

2 1 week ago