If this doesn’t blow up idk what will #foryou #spongebob #foryoupage #alltheboys #hererightnow

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💛 @ᴊᴀᴇᴅʏɴ

aw didn’t the voice of barnacle boy die😭

845 2 weeks ago

🐍💕 @fort._.leak

Barnacle boy!!!he was the best RIP him[cry]

388 2 weeks ago

Puppycat @vampirepiggies

rip barnacle boy voice actor ;(

270 2 weeks ago

glebrihter @gleb_rihter

Оригинал саундтрека пожалуйста

14 2 weeks ago

Draco 7k @dracodragon2004

Can we get an F in the chat plz. Rip

149 2 weeks ago

Dulz @dulzentertain


46 2 weeks ago

karissacooper1234 @karissachanoof

I thought it was about to be flapjack

4 6 days ago

aShley🍯🍞 @ashley_tacös12


2 2 weeks ago

delete me daddy @trashy_tanae

he lived as barnacle boy, died as barnacle man...

55 2 weeks ago

arianna @raddarii

sucks that he passed away ):

61 2 weeks ago

💧DumbWater💧 @dumbwater

Your catching up to me in likes with this audio 😂

21 2 weeks ago

Fortuna @itsfortuna

Mom made pizza rolls anyone want some?

7 1 week ago

Suki @suki_dookie

You look like the kid who won the gold buzzard on the trending YouTube page

27 2 weeks ago

ᔕKᔕKᒍK @anonymous_sksk


4 2 weeks ago

Tori_Laurie @tori.laurie

Кое-чем не похож 😅

4 2 weeks ago

lol @xmolly.healdx

@chloelouise___ these are brilliant

6 1 week ago

brandon @filipeenboy

I’m sorry if it’s natural selection

12 2 weeks ago

ScarfedShadow @scarfedshadow


6 2 weeks ago

DANKER THAN YOU @swedishmeatball21

Rest In Peperoni

2 2 weeks ago

Esthetic Vibes @holabobster

Lowkey a jam

5 2 weeks ago