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ᴱᴹᴵᴸᵞ @𝑒𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓎𓆉

Instructions unclear I’m now in the toaster and my dog is in the lake

5512 1 week ago

bogdan_negro @bogdan_negro69


463 1 week ago

I go live on Fridays @chanceydoesstuff

Art is a lie and nothing is real buddy, chillax

4731 1 week ago

#Sakura_Kawai @sakura_kawai

Штооо блээээааат?! Так можно было?!

255 1 week ago

kamiaumai @kamiaumai

esto me va a servir para el futuro!!!

26 1 week ago

「louise」 @louisebatulayan

Hmm, I still don't get how it went wrong..

2 1 week ago

AwkwardOtaku @fandomess

Hmm,, this seems a lot more effective then crying and giving up 🤠

749 1 week ago

Arian/Wybie @http.arian

I laughed harder at this comment then I should have

10 1 week ago

chaotic idiot @chaotic_idiot

literally copy and paste irl

475 1 week ago

Lucie @lucieswrld

I needed this lol

5 1 week ago

Pomidorka @pomidorka_666

Да ладно люди , вы чего ? Про капирку никогда не слышали

82 1 week ago

hochy_jratt @hochy_jratt

почему так со стрелками нельзя

62 1 week ago

I go live on Fridays @chanceydoesstuff

Everyone draws differently, and this happens to be how I draw eyes, U can do it differently if u wnt

197 1 week ago

BatteryAcid @warmcupofbatt3ryacid

just get good scrub *does gang signs*

9 1 week ago

Natural @louldc

ben le problème c'est que je sais même pas dessiner le 1er👁 et puis j'ai pas de papier à décalquer

10 1 week ago

Squidwardd @asya_sargsyann

Как я раньше без этого жила

88 1 week ago

I go live on Fridays @chanceydoesstuff

Paper, pencil, tracing paper (though any transparent paper will do)

424 1 week ago

jaxinebautisa @jaxinebautisa

There even better then mine

2 1 week ago

I go live on Fridays @chanceydoesstuff

Hardly! I just thought it’d be a useful tip!

166 1 week ago

Cheyanne Harris @cheyanneharris8

dontcha just hate when that happens

3 1 week ago