HOW TO ADD TEXT TO VIDS!!!#tiktokupdate#tiktoktutorial #tutorial #tutorials#howto#transition#new

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UGLY FAT RAT @häïłëÿ.rëbüčk

Bro mine doesn’t have that😢

66 1 week ago

🌸Kayla🌸 @kaylawaltonofficial

I feel like I knew this before anyone else did😂 I knew about it yesterday

108 1 week ago

Maegan Hawat @iimaeganii

I dont have it tho 😢

29 1 week ago

adri @a.m.queen

I don't have it 😭😭😭😭😭

15 1 week ago

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ @sakura_kathleen


14 1 week ago

seaunicorns11 @shoesmeetsoontobesmashed

Me too ????

5 1 week ago

Anna @anamoon462

I don't have that

5 5 days ago

no oh @bam_that_dog

If you guys don't have it, tiktok hadn't put all platforms with the text yet, this is mostly new.

14 1 week ago

ROSE_Taelin @rosèmb


2 1 week ago

Ilovecats0785 @larray.shook

mine either

7 1 week ago

UGLY FAT RAT @häïłëÿ.rëbüčk

Update it mine worked after

6 1 week ago

RancidAim @rancidaim

We're all here in 2019 and you're all the way in 3019.

31 1 week ago

slimegirl1738 @gamergirl1395

Me too😥😥

2 1 week ago

🥴TOGA&BAKUGO🥰 @tigerlover2697

Yea when I make a video I don’t see the text thing

5 1 week ago

🥴TOGA&BAKUGO🥰 @tigerlover2697

I updated it like I other day before u told me now I have it

1 1 day ago

💗600💗? @aesthetic._rosesss


2 1 week ago

Julia 💗 @cat.love101

And etc.

1 3 days ago

Alana🐶 @lani_10876

More *than

3 1 week ago

Miaaaaaaa @miaslastnameisafish

Than not then!!!!!!

1 5 days ago

Ava Weiss @avaweiss0

@basketball_mileywesmer31 and @annaursuy

1 5 days ago