Are My Texts Going Through? #techgonewrong

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gracies @rainbowuni765

I love u too 👌

2 2 months ago

Whitney @whitneyo_o


1 1 week ago

Reeseycorn🦄 @reeseycorn

Not true my mom does

1 1 month ago

janelle 😯 @okayyjanellee

my mom does....

1 1 month ago

Layla @layla.b12

bahaha chill it’s a joke... the fact that someone got this mad 🤦🏼 ♀️😂

1 1 month ago

🧸MARA BEAR🧸 @marasammie

They never said it was real.

1 1 month ago

Follow for a follow @blue.ocean.aesthetic

Then there’s my mom

1 1 month ago

Redwild Videos @redwild_videos

My mom would.

1 2 months ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

Is TikTok the new YouTubes?

4691 2 months ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

Are my comments going through? Like this video so I know for sure

4296 2 months ago

😈Master😈 @daddy....kendra

👁👄👁 ___||____ / ✊🏼_/ \_✊🏼 Hit the woah

487 2 months ago

Layla @layla.b12

this is fake because no mom would type in all lower case

1492 2 months ago

Aɴɪᴋᴀ🔥🌷🖤 @anika.v.123

That is why quotation marks matter

267 2 months ago

GoofiertangentYT @goofiertangentyt

blow my phone up with likes so my friends will be jeaulous------

7 1 month ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

Honey, what is TikTok?

186 2 months ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

What website do I watch the TikToks?

540 2 months ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

we have one. just search phony texts. we post our long stories there

166 2 months ago

Maria 🍌🥴🦄🐿🐷 @satansnoodless

Haha this sounds exactly like something my mom would do

242 2 months ago

Phony Texts @phonytexts

what does this comment say?

682 2 months ago