This is the only accurate ranking on tiktok what rank is your province #canada #rankit

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Yeetusthemeetus @kebekman

My two parents are anglophone lmaooo big Oof for u my dear

23 1 month ago

Aidan @tok_tik_boy

There’s a reason for that

4 1 month ago

Aidan @tok_tik_boy

Only French people think that

2 1 month ago

Depression Cat @depression_cat

No most of our cultures is English not French. It would be French but they lost the 7 years war

2 1 month ago

DaQueenOfTikTok @ieatpota.toes

Even though its first 😂

1 1 week ago

DaQueenOfTikTok @ieatpota.toes

Ontario is totally second

1 1 week ago

Yung gravy @brandon.oickle


1 1 month ago

Evan Hill @ev.hill

Because French Canadians are the most arrogant people

1 1 month ago

Yeetusthemeetus @kebekman

It’s funny to see that Canadian hate quebecers even tho the majority of their culture is from Qc oof

241 1 month ago

shirinrezaee982 @shirinrezaee98267

finely we BC people get the first

3 1 week ago

Shana Desponts @sad.juul.girl

The rest of Canada wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Quebec but go off.😰

157 1 month ago

jakub Grabkowski 🇵🇱 @jakubgotenkss

Quebec ‘’created’’ Canada so why does every Canadian hate Quebec??

116 1 month ago

Wetsocks @robitkid

I feel offended that Quebec is last and I don’t even live there?!

97 1 month ago

giraffe @mqueer2

do u have something against poutine ?

77 1 month ago

every1isaclownhere @imhellamad

Went to every province in the canada and the best is clearly Quebec

69 1 month ago

sara @sawathesawason


28 1 month ago

Onokh @onokh

This trend is just toxic. Do visit Quebec someday we have a ton of fun events ✌️

28 1 month ago

tchoin @tchoinnation

without quebec yall would only be the duller version of the usa😭

29 1 month ago

Colleen Morgan @itscolleenmorgan

everyone hates quebec bc they’re always wanting to leave cnda, and begging for more funds from the g

22 1 month ago

sarah :p @notevensriracha

why does everyone hate quebec? quebec created canada lmao

24 1 month ago