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I live in Canada @louie_the_servicecat

Have you dealt whit the DPJ before or going to court

5 1 month ago

Em✋🏼💗🌸👅✨ @emadardha

You spelled Onterrific wrong my guy

3 1 month ago

your dad🥵✌️🥰😎🥴🤩 @likklesizzle

but we have raptors and wonderland ✌️

2 1 month ago

🌼Nat the cat 🌼 @xxnat_the_catxx

Your awesome some people think it’s overrated

1 3 weeks ago

100 fans & 5k likes? @kawaiikitten_818

i don’t think she did

1 3 weeks ago

🍒✨stranger stuff✨🍒 @._stranger.stuff_


1 3 weeks ago

🐱❤Ellie M❤🐱 @ttaco3320

Ontario is where I live......😢

1 4 weeks ago

ŁØŁKĪWEEE @maddogscountry


1 1 month ago

I miss my friends @ok_poke

I smell salt

1 1 month ago

Callista @godhatesmealot

Hey budd you spelt Ontario wrong

1 1 month ago

@burnt_n00dles @celenywatermelon

Aw shush! You’re just jelly!

1 1 month ago

Fight me you won’t @trymekid73

That’s true but Alberta is supreme

1 1 month ago

Sims 4 QWEEN @xoxsimmergurlxox

Ontario is amazing because there is so much to do

1 1 month ago

mmsauce @mmsauce

You spelled Onterrible wrong my dude

1893 1 month ago

dumbasian @kissyourhomiesgoodnight

alberta is the alabama of canada 🤷 ♀️

1936 1 month ago

TJ_2019 @tamaiya_2019

Ontario peeps were u at

8 3 weeks ago

simoneearle7 @simoneearle7

All my Ontario's, where u at?

1383 1 month ago

Amani Ktabi @amaniktabi

Factsssssss (I live in Ontario and the only bad thing abt it is doug Ford

1517 1 month ago

The_P0undinat0r @m3ga__m1nd

Chum, I’ve lived in 9 provinces, Alberta has like no rednecks, first of all, and Alberta is the best

5 1 week ago