when you throw up from excitement #foryou #funny #dogs #beach

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Joe Sandora @joesandora5

No Illinois. South side Chicago

13 1 month ago

Tati @tati.the.goddess

Seeing as how a bunch of dogs died this year by water poisoning, I don’t see how it’s funny at all

7 1 month ago

Tati @tati.the.goddess

Sadly she don’t care. He could also dry drown because of the water

7 1 month ago

Tati @tati.the.goddess

It’s called dry drowning look it up. Yes I have to deal with it since I OWN a dog rescue 😂

5 1 month ago

Tati @tati.the.goddess

Lmao so the dog just throwing up to throw up is okay? Uh no that’s not ok either lmao wtf

5 1 month ago

Joe Sandora @joesandora5

Then don’t watch it. It’s that simple

5 1 month ago

Joe Sandora @joesandora5

I had to turn off notifications. It was too much to handle lol

4 3 weeks ago

hi @irischoe_

hahahaha ahahahaha bahahaha

1 1 month ago

idk either @a.d.d.i.s.o.n_lol


1 1 month ago

Mah nam sopha sopha @såłtÿ


1 1 month ago

Steph @buttstuffs69

Ur dog turned into a fountain

11869 1 month ago

Joe Sandora @joesandora5

This is Lake Michigan, not the ocean. Just so everyone knows

5691 1 month ago

Mishy @mishyxmoshy

Mine does the same thing 🙄 like...boy! Quit shoveling in so much water!

4818 1 month ago

Hacker dude @christophgio

He did not puke he spited out the water

3 2 weeks ago

Tati @tati.the.goddess

That’s not from excitement, he swallowed too much water.

3813 1 month ago

will weaver @weav_80

Its a water dragon lmao

3389 1 month ago

BelBel @sbel_tnb

Anyone else hate when ppl bring dogs to the beach??

10 1 month ago

feralcrackhead @feralcrackhead


1539 1 month ago

Joe Sandora @joesandora5

Hey everyone thank you for the concerns but he is ok. No signs of water intoxication.

808 1 month ago

Steph @music_lover87

Too much water little bro

3 1 month ago