starting my own business pt. 1 ✰ #foryou #fyp #vsco #diy

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✰ o l i v i a ✰ @olivia_mariee

i will put the etsy account name in my bio!

53 1 month ago

✰ o l i v i a ✰ @olivia_mariee

yes! i’m going to get some! i just wanted to get started as soon as possible lol

63 1 month ago

Laurenkoz @lkoz2019

Bc I have a business to and Idk how to mail it to them and getting the money

5 1 month ago

Olivia DUN DUN DUNN @olivia_rds

Hahahaha yeah

4 1 month ago

𓆉Kimbery𓆉 @kimberly_303


4 1 month ago

💁🏽♀️ @illemma

These thing, keep up the good work

3 1 month ago

Moist_loly @moist_lava_lamp

Oh ok :)

2 1 month ago

𝙔𝙖𝙨𝙢𝙞𝙣 シ @beastmode_yas

we should

2 1 month ago


seremos millonarias con este negocio :v

1 4 weeks ago

😒 @stupid.check

Si cuando vivamos juntas 🥺

1 4 weeks ago

Peach_Wave @peach_wave

wär ächt e geili idee😂😍

1 1 month ago

I do aesthetics

What is it

1 1 month ago

. @xrixnx.grxnde

I home that ut don’t cost much, and that I can still shop from it anyway if i live in Sweden

1 1 month ago

sophiaaaaa 😝 @sksksksk_sophia63

hope your business does well! id love to buy from it but I don't think i can!

2301 1 month ago

✰ o l i v i a ✰ @olivia_mariee

to answer y’alls questions: i am currently in the process of making an etsy shop!

1350 1 month ago

Gaby👺 (1.2k!!!❤️) @sandwichmakergab

Where do I get some?

1143 1 month ago

✰ o l i v i a ✰ @olivia_mariee

and once i have a good amount of stock i’m going to link the etsy shop to my insta!!

1010 1 month ago

..vsco.xgirl @..vsco.xgirl


12 1 month ago

Bestfriend things @sksksvscothings

Can I get a necklace

129 1 month ago

k.komarovvva @iksenkaa

вот это переходы

7 1 month ago