Do you think Jana is real or fake? 🤔 #realtalk #foryou #fyp

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🗿🗿🗿 @syd.seifert


17 3 weeks ago

🦋🍋trash🍋🦋 @gabby_yeet

me either. they don’t look good “together” *like they say they are* AT ALL

33 3 weeks ago

Cherishlaya😜👑 @cherishlaya


7 3 weeks ago

*hi* @scottsxtot

that’s just messed up

1 2 weeks ago

Ella.the.lavender @ellavlee

Also you had to pay $49.99 just to watch it online and you had to wait hours before you could watch it live

1 2 weeks ago

haileyburroughs @haileyburroughs4

It is only there friend because they asked someone else but they were busy so the got there friend to do it

1 2 weeks ago

Julie @lovelyjuliexo

so basically they charged fans to livestream a wedding that was fake????

1043 2 weeks ago

Laura B @kandiez

When two compulsive liars meet..

619 2 weeks ago

Sunny Pandas @sunny__pandas

Tana admitted it was fake

629 3 weeks ago

comradechica @_holachicas

I don’t think they’re dating it’s probably in act for popularity

288 2 weeks ago

Dr TikTok MD @drtiktokmd

Jake Paul in a expert OPINION is a sociopath and should seek help

174 2 weeks ago

♡dxrky.colbs♡ @dxrky.colbs

just like danielle cohn wedding 👏💀

61 2 weeks ago

SHSL Twink 🍋 @shotacake

I think Tana loves him but I think Jake is dating her for clout. Bc of the shit he pulled on her BD

18 2 weeks ago

💛ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ💛 @http_mercury.ts_st

Early ❤️

54 3 weeks ago

🏳️🌈RadSad🐯Dad🇨🇦 @stopcallingmedad

I don’t want either of these dreadful people in my feed.

43 2 weeks ago

kennedy and morgan @the.masontwins

So now we saying g*pped like it’s not a slur......

20 2 weeks ago

AYEBRUHIMBLASIAN @yourmomeatsmyoatmealx43

This is BS🤣

12 2 weeks ago

☀️️ n a t h a n ☀️️ @_nathanwade

someone hasn't watched her YouTube video on this

10 2 weeks ago

Misty Garner @mermaidmistyyog

I think they had to refund people lol

1 2 weeks ago

SweetButPsycho @creator12311

Tana changed her Twitter name to “Tana Paul”

8 2 weeks ago