Do You Get Scared After Reading Or Watching Something Scary? #thisisspooky #fyp #tiktok

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hi_im_chewie @hi_im_chewie

👻 boo did I get you

11 3 weeks ago

hi_im_chewie @hi_im_chewie

Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

8 3 weeks ago

hi_im_chewie @hi_im_chewie

Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

7 3 weeks ago

hi_im_chewie @hi_im_chewie

Hello ❤️

18 3 weeks ago

𝒿𝒶𝒸ℴ 𝒷シ @jacob.moonlxght

OMG you scared me so bad phew thank god it wasn’t a ghost 😂btw ily Chewie you are legit the cutest dog ever and also thank you for replying🙏

2 3 weeks ago

.star. @poopsexbutthole101

Imma steal the dog🤫

2 2 weeks ago

Mila kilo and mitten @mila.wedtgarde.87


1 2 weeks ago

Mae Mae @maemaemueller

Don’t be sacred I have you 🥰

1 2 weeks ago

Abbey @dancer.abbs4444

Np ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 3 weeks ago

pimpus TV @pimpustv

why you sooooooo cute

143 3 weeks ago

Soknot Young @soknot_young


2 2 weeks ago

Jason @jasonfhernandez

Cutest plot twist tho 😭🥺

77 2 weeks ago

Adrian @adrianantonj

Always the people who act brave during the day but as soon as darkness falls, it's game over😂

11 2 weeks ago

user681414 @user6814140


2 2 weeks ago

silver_storm_blade @silver_storm_blade

I don’t get scared that easily any more, I get startled easily but not legit scared

34 2 weeks ago

SamChris💛 @samdidlydamn

I used to read those books every day at school

17 2 weeks ago

a_kaloudi @a_kaloudi93


2 2 weeks ago


In elementary school we had one of those books in the fourth grade section

25 2 weeks ago

Shoooootaaaa @localbigbody

I like this dog

6 2 weeks ago

Johnelle Felix @princessjohnelle

hi 😜

2 2 weeks ago