found a room covered with blood at an abandoned mental asylum 五 #foryoupage #foryou #creepy #urbex

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Emma Mae @wetoe

ive gotten blood on things and i think if its a LOT it can stain but idrk i dont pUT BLOOD ON WALLA

61 2 weeks ago

~Emma~ @empagne

Do anything for clout ay

41 2 weeks ago

awww.colby @awww.colby


39 2 weeks ago

Grayson @graysk99

its in missouri ! literally in the middle of the woods 丐

371 2 weeks ago

Breexox.Edits @breexox.edits

Theyre youtubers who used to explore abandoned places, but now they do haunted stuff

29 2 weeks ago

Solby 9k!!!!!! @colbybrockeditts


16 2 weeks ago

coffincandy. cosplay @coffincandy.cosplay

nah i high key wanna go

16 2 weeks ago

yuzu @4ourtyhours

Must be fresh then?

15 2 weeks ago

Colby Brock @.cxlby_brxck.edits

Um no their not 尹

13 2 weeks ago

Solby 9k!!!!!! @colbybrockeditts

ofc they were nice its sam and colby

12 2 weeks ago

Kelly R. @kelly_radek_

Welp I didnt know that sorry

11 2 weeks ago

決att uwu @loser_jakeyuwu

Thanks for making me laugh I was scared

10 2 weeks ago

Jordan_Altman @jordan_altman

i- m crying 返不

7 2 weeks ago

Kyrinnia @kyrinnia

Nah just super fake

6 2 weeks ago


Oh my god LMAO-

6 2 weeks ago

Ella ;) @ellabellamottarella

O hi Emma c; LOL

5 2 weeks ago

3k Koala's劾湘 @toxicluhv

When blood dries it turns rlly rlly dark red ;-;

5 2 weeks ago

Kyrinnia @kyrinnia

If it pools it turns more blackish and lumpy then its turns more brown and flakey as it dries.

5 2 weeks ago

1,500?歹打Love chu朮 @dolan._twineditz


5 2 weeks ago

Levihan is my OTP @dontkilllevi

Guys this comments a joke stop liking it

5 2 weeks ago