whats better, IPhone or Android ? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #comdey #viral

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★𝔢𝔪𝔪𝔞★ @_kaylee.16

..they are tho

13 2 weeks ago

Taken🥰😘😍 @supreme..bryce_2.0

iPhone all the way

7 2 weeks ago

⭐️❤️Mufi⭐️❤️🇫🇷🇧🇯 @itzmemufixox

my mum has that phone

5 2 weeks ago

👑Crackhead Kaia👑 @just.anotha.aquarius


4 2 weeks ago

ℝ 𝕖 𝕖 𝕤 𝕖🧸💗 @thatkiddo.reese

that's exactly what I have and many of my iphone user friends have told me they want my phone

3 2 weeks ago

pfp : mehh❤😜 @_thereal.kam_

yep all samsungs starting from the amp3 and up have better quality then the other ones

3 2 weeks ago

💞 depressed 💔 @gacha._.wolves


2 1 week ago

Taken 🔐❤ @lunaperez473


2 2 weeks ago

Jeremiah Smith @jeremiahsmith849

I have the exact same one

3 2 weeks ago

50? @totallynot._.nubula

i use android. its sooo good! i have the s8

2 2 weeks ago

She Dosent follow🥺❤️ @liliy.edits

No have u seen the emoji of android it’s hella bad and iPhone have emojis that look good only s9+ is good

2 2 weeks ago

She Dosent follow🥺❤️ @liliy.edits

Ur right but the rest 💀 🌫

2 2 weeks ago

;-; @_not._.depressed_

exactly I have it

2 2 weeks ago

Scarlet @kayla.plays.minecraft

A Samsung is a Android

1 2 weeks ago

active✔️ @imvu.babbies4life

actually some Android's are better then iPhones.

1866 2 weeks ago

Sean taylor @tbhandstx_tkdatkool900p

android the galaxy s9+ is good

1956 2 weeks ago

💜💜moonlight💜💜 @moonlight.edits12

*angry Android users has entered the chat*

940 2 weeks ago

000imnotfunny000 @rats_and_dogs

i like Android because it lasts longer than two months

37 2 weeks ago

zənbɹoɥoq əı|ɐʇɐʋ @thetruestrangerthingsfan

Androids are the best stop hating

20 1 week ago

insyde @itsinsyde

galaxies are faster than iPhones 😂😂

51 2 weeks ago