Well, i regret this. #tiktok #fyp #funny #lol #trending #meme #relatable #fail #diy #viral #trend

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Kay🏳️🌈🇨🇦19 @groovygay

That’s what I just said

29 1 month ago

Hope Schwing @hope_schwing

I left them on overnight lol

7458 1 month ago

Kay🏳️🌈🇨🇦19 @groovygay

Some some skin tones, people’s freckles are orange

5 1 month ago

Kay🏳️🌈🇨🇦19 @groovygay

Yeah but some people’s are more brown

13 1 month ago

oceanluna62 @oceanluna62

Usually it fades within a week or two. It’s gone in 3-4 weeks

3 1 month ago

🦖Mya🦖 @qt.papayaa

I sure @sebastianbails felt that too

2 1 month ago

Chloe @clothebro69


8 1 month ago

amelia @ameliamos

i thought they looked alright too

4 1 month ago

kaitlyn @kaitlyn.eve.2

She did them at the same time

1 1 month ago

❤️🌻Brianna🌻❤️ @bpierceart

Woooowww calm down. No one was being rude. Should I have added a “😂” to tone it down?

1 1 month ago

Ryan Wagner @rye.bread.wags

she did it for clout, all of her videos are like that now

1 1 month ago

Piperrr_juliaaa_3030 @fractured_mirror0366

I didn’t think about that till you said somethin 😒

1 1 month ago

lara <3 @larapinacolaras


2 1 month ago

Madison @miioree

I should do this cause my skin is already orange so it would look natural😂😍

2 1 month ago

Ashton @poopbuttt1000

i was about to comment this too ... i don’t understand the logic

2 1 month ago

Marie🔥 @märzclip

No I have freckles !!!!

2 1 month ago

Madison @miioree

Nah my skin just has an orange undertone😂 especially in the summer🤷‍♀️ there’s some filter on tiktok that makes me skin look better tho

1 1 month ago

Ëevëe @strawberry.urie21


1 1 month ago

Laurencsawyer36 @itz_laurennn5

She said she wanted freckles and they kinda look like freckles like she wanted🤷🏼‍♀️

1 1 month ago

sam pitoniak @bigbodybetch11

When you said ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE, my hair felt that

16824 1 month ago