this is totally legit #buffering #money

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Mashable @mashable

glad to hear it worked!

9 2 weeks ago

Mashable @mashable

you asked kindly, so here ya go!

15 2 weeks ago

Mashable @mashable

first response!

11 2 weeks ago

user9612085787850 @user961208578785009


2 2 weeks ago

Kristen McDaniel @kristen_7181007

Thanks buddy

1 2 weeks ago

Jack @ipohler

Omg it actually worked!😱 Im richer than bill gates now

417 2 weeks ago

Bitch @lizettemelenie

Instructions unclear my phone is in Korea

185 2 weeks ago

π€ππƒπ‘π„π˜π€. @π˜—π˜ͺ𝘀𝘬𝘭𝘦𝘣𝘒𝘳𝘳𝘺

directions unclear , my phone is in the microwave

112 2 weeks ago

kyiahking @kyiahking

Wait I didn’t get that my phone is now in the toilet 🚽

30 2 weeks ago

Idk wat I am doing @hello_fellowhumans

Is that a legal?

21 1 week ago

user425590 @user42559015

I did this and it works so well! I printed 10K this morning.

95 2 weeks ago

ZooMark @andizooped

Original content πŸ‘€ it’s rare these days

14 2 weeks ago

user885023 @user88502309

I told y’all iPhone better than android

41 2 weeks ago

Lena_1038 @lena_10139

to all the comments saying 'This is fake!' well duh, of course its fake

14 2 weeks ago

hammyesketitbombdz @hammyesketitbombd68

Says iPhone but has an android πŸ˜‚

34 2 weeks ago

Kyla and Leia @tuberculosistype2

my videos are better than this, and mine are TERRIBLE

38 2 weeks ago

#makiyah @makiyahturnbo8

that's green screen

8 2 weeks ago

angie_gyall @cura_gyall

that is fake

6 2 weeks ago

remakai_shimeka @remakai_shimeka


0 4 days ago

Mashable @mashable

Very well dear dear friend, thank you.

0 1 week ago