here’s more proof julianne and derek hough r my aunt and uncle 🕺🏿#foryoupage #4u #artproject

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Lucas Paxton @thelucaspaxton

You aren’t famous lol you only have 100k when you hit 500k then you can call yourself semi famous I can already tell you cocky bout your follower coun

93 2 weeks ago

Mario @marioluvsyou

Ones literally on AGT

54 2 weeks ago

Ryan Stacks @ryan.stacks

Oh so nothing important👌🏽

49 2 weeks ago

Parker @pk.manning


42 2 weeks ago

kezley @kezleyyeager

woah, yes they are

36 2 weeks ago

lexye @iwannabeanegirl

i’m sorry what

33 2 weeks ago

Blaise @bat.chomping.goth

I promise you that’s not a flex

173 2 weeks ago

Lucas Paxton @thelucaspaxton

If they aren’t known by half the worlds population they aren’t famous periodt

158 2 weeks ago

Lucas Paxton @thelucaspaxton

Except I’m not famous and they aren’t famous so having the word famous in that sentence is irrelevant

145 2 weeks ago

tatummaher @oktatum


495 2 weeks ago

AleiaCarlisle @aleiacarlisle

They were dancers on dancing with the stars. They are professional dancers.

19 2 weeks ago

Pro Create Tutorials @pro.create.pocket.videos

No ur not lmao

13 2 weeks ago

✨melanie devries✨ @melanie_r_devries

same 😅😅

9 2 weeks ago

Frenchib Hop Junket @frenchib


8 2 weeks ago

Why Don’t We @limelight.1

I don’t either

8 2 weeks ago

angie 🌚. @deepfriedbabiez


6 2 weeks ago

stranger things fans @stranger56_things78

devil eyes

1 2 days ago

Leah💞 @soggygirl

i just cried because of this

36924 2 weeks ago

alonzo_lerone @alonzo_lerone

U look like them. I would’ve believed it without all that clout

31743 2 weeks ago

TyBott @tybottofficial

dErEk dOeSn’T dAnCe LiKe tHaT

22010 2 weeks ago