DIY neon sign ya heard it here first folks #artproject #fyp #foryoupage

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🎀Ashley Dolce🎀 @fairyxblade

Mean either:( we’ll make one together dw

73 2 weeks ago

🎀Ashley Dolce🎀 @fairyxblade


49 2 weeks ago

terin @͏t͏e͏r͏i͏n

do u not know how to use a drill

741 2 weeks ago

user7109203662572 @user710920366257251

put “gone” after the “be”

6 2 weeks ago

Bindi ♡ @bbbindiii

wow same

5 2 weeks ago

it's a TrAp @wild_kanna

It’s a joke

5 2 weeks ago

🌜Majestic.Ghost🌛 @_majestic.ameera_

second step: find him 😐

4 2 weeks ago

🚗💨 @i_dropped_my_hydroflask

guess i have to skip step 1 then

3 2 weeks ago

callie🤩 @caaallie

yes i’m down

2 1 week ago

Abigail_Grace @lifewith_abby

Yeah lovely 😆😏😝

2 2 weeks ago


literally me

2 2 weeks ago

Morgan Fisher @morganfisher69

this is so cool

1 4 days ago

Zak @justxzak

But what’s the “neon” part

1 1 week ago

🌸💞 @lianadrejaj

i really hope thats s joke

1 1 week ago

妙☆ @leavemealone._pls

oh my

1 1 week ago

• becca • @becca_hudson_xx

Yeh ahahah

1 2 weeks ago

🎀Ashley Dolce🎀 @fairyxblade

Step one: have a dad

36838 2 weeks ago

Moh @gvccimoh

what if someone cuts the 'ful' out

22266 2 weeks ago

Jeanelle Myers @jeanelle.myers

i save this as if i’m going to actually get up and do this

16164 2 weeks ago

swagmeout6669 @swagmeout6669

Those in the comments who are saying it’s spelled wrong: 🤡🤡

13526 2 weeks ago