Does anyone else have these problems??? #foryou #fyp #buffering #AllBrandNew #artproject

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Jordyn,Tatum,&Bella @thetiktokgalz

It’s stressful😪

141 2 weeks ago

Andrew @itsandrew1014

Should I ?

129 2 weeks ago

Jordyn,Tatum,&Bella @thetiktokgalz

Definitely the Paris loft

78 2 weeks ago

Jordyn,Tatum,&Bella @thetiktokgalz

Duet us!

283 2 weeks ago

Jordyn,Tatum,&Bella @thetiktokgalz


19 2 weeks ago

Miranda Mellen @mir_panda_45

Me either

5 2 weeks ago

Jordyn,Tatum,&Bella @thetiktokgalz

Me neither

3 1 day ago

PFP: PEPPA 😏😏 @itzyagirl.angie

why does ur sister have ur phone lmao

2 2 weeks ago

𝟷𝙺✨ @nana.aesthetics

I keep seeing these in random videos like “my phone keeps going off in my great grandmas funeral” 😂

2 2 weeks ago

PWAYDISM @shrekatepeppa

If your little sister has your phone then how did you comment this?

1 5 days ago

Arsh Sidhu @sidhuarsh2323

Really, it’s her bedtime at 4:45pm???

1 2 weeks ago

ur stupid @2009_adriana

then stop commenting

1 2 weeks ago

Myriam @myriam_safi

If your sister has your phone how are YOU writing this???!!!

1 2 weeks ago

☀️🌻TAYLOR🌻☀️ @taylorh808

If she has your phone how did you comment this and why does she have ur phone if it’s her bedtime 😑

1 2 weeks ago

m i n e c r a f t :) @minergirl08

If she got your phone how u commenting

1 2 weeks ago

Andrew @itsandrew1014

Stop liking this comment my little sister has my phone and it keeps going off and it’s her bed time

37617 2 weeks ago

seandebs5 @seandebs590

Normal people problems: dealing with rich kids

14796 2 weeks ago

straykids10101 @kpoplover10190

i have messy hair for waking up😂😂

13335 2 weeks ago

🖤 @chxa_187

Ich wünschte ich hätte solche Probleme

1014 2 weeks ago

Blake McDonald @blakemcdonald79

Having rich parents means #spoiled

4346 2 weeks ago