Only some will understand ... #midwest #fyp #foryoupage #caseysovereverything #rookiethings

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Casey 🖤🐝 @queenbeecaseyy


3 1 month ago

Baylin23 @baylinzimmerman

Great guy really convenient and has good pizza

31 1 month ago

⋆ hanna ⋆ @itss_hannaa

north dakota has caseys. idk about other states

14 1 month ago

cam @camrynpanics

fake midwesterner 😤

11 1 month ago

Feven Aaron @faaron0905


2 2 weeks ago

Allyson @everybodybleeds

When your sister gets clout from a comment

2 1 month ago

Eli ッ @xzarmon98

Any Casey’s pizza is

1 1 month ago

Yeahaight @blueface_babyyyyyyyyyy


1 1 month ago

💙𝙹-𝚛𝚊𝚎 𝙰𝚔 💙 @billie.eilish.editzzzx

OMG YEEEAAAASSSSS my brother ate the last piece that was saved FOR ME and then I messed up his room😌

1 1 month ago

Sarah Jo @xxsarahxo

and their French vanilla iced coffee. I would die for that🤪

1 1 month ago

💙𝙹-𝚛𝚊𝚎 𝙰𝚔 💙 @billie.eilish.editzzzx

It’s in South Dakota and I think Minnesota and Illinois and Indiana and Kansas and Nebraska and North Dakota

1 1 month ago

Haley💞 @haleyboppers23

Right! It’s all about Kwik Trip in Wisco

1 1 month ago

kickasskad @kickasskad

Who’s she? Never heard of her 🤠

1 1 month ago

vic @victoria.gaston

all wrong

1 1 month ago

Ethan Friedrich @ethanol4231

Ugh no Casey’s is the best of the best. And what is Kwik trip?

1 1 month ago

i eat beans @i_eat_pimple_puss

you ain't from Wisconsin

1 1 month ago

Nick @n.parr

Who the hell is Casey

10267 1 month ago

. @çämryn

i’m from wisconsin & i think people who say pop instead of soda are on crack

5073 1 month ago

Emily Treu47 @emilytreu47

Wisconsin only needs Kwik Trip

4090 1 month ago

User @emilyfinlay2

Kwik trip 💯💯

36 1 month ago