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stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

yes ma’am!!

8 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

adam i’m so sorry that you have to shit on teen girls on the internet to cope with whatever woman hurt you in real life

34 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

stolen from bf thanks

15 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

love that!!

12 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

ok lol

11 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

cutie anarchist club

11 1 month ago

stupid poser egirl @boopyshmurda

lmaoo what woman hurt you

70 1 month ago

Spartan Eck @spartaneck

With workers.

2 4 weeks ago

𝖆𝖛𝖆 @punkstepmom

she’s super cute what are you even talking about

1 4 weeks ago

I was cansimals @sinmineral

He really thought he snapped with this. Of course he’s named Adam lmfao

14 3 weeks ago

y @user42069696969696969420

those are the people that actually do understand economics

2 2 weeks ago

arienne @ariennneee


1 3 weeks ago

Mya @mya.michelle0863

Why is her shirt not there in the first part

1 2 weeks ago

niganon @therealmikuhatsune

This is too smart for tiktok

1536 1 month ago

frannotfranny @frannotfranny

“wIThOuT cApITAlisM yOu wOulDNt hAVe tHaT cOMpuTEr oR MaKeuP”

1269 1 month ago

Dennis Feitosa @gowithdennis

I grew up in a Socialist country and can say without a shadow of a doubt that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

19 2 weeks ago

user001724 @userd066hnvl23

people in the comments who don't understand economics: yOu WouLdnT hAve ThAt cOmPuTer WitHout cApItALisM 🤡🤡🤡🤡

897 1 month ago

✨ Varsana ✨ @varsenex

THIS is what I signed up for

242 4 weeks ago

caroline @caro.trash

i dont know what this means but i felt like i had to like

69 1 month ago

Jim @jimbus2000

I love capitalism

360 1 month ago