I think I’m allergic to school

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loaded diaper ☠️ @meredithp

😶 lol you’re right

10 2 weeks ago

loaded diaper ☠️ @meredithp

Thank you 🤧🥰

2 2 weeks ago

Oscar😂 @oscar_swim1

It’s my favourite video!

1 1 week ago

🐕Evie❤️ @evie_gymnast_art

Yessss and it’s fine

2 1 week ago

i’m not funny @imasnickernoodle

mine are hidden but they’re there

1 2 weeks ago

khufus @khufus

it's the stress 😔

3863 2 weeks ago

🌠 ethan ❋ grayson ✨ @ms.hp

i stg it breaks out like a week before school 😍

2029 2 weeks ago

my tampons stuck @doraatheexploree

my face was clear this whole summer and now its not like whattt

836 2 weeks ago

mel @sqilliam

literally 2 days before school i broke out SOOO badly

1698 2 weeks ago

loaded diaper ☠️ @meredithp

Disclaimer: I know that it can be caused by stress but what is stressful about the first day...

436 2 weeks ago

Leni.arn @leni.arn2

@emi.trxh es stimmt halt einfach meine Haut is jetzt schon kacke junge

5 2 weeks ago

sru @sruthi.gopanapalli

most relatable tik tok ive seen

2 1 week ago

taylor @taylor_____marie

it’s the air

337 2 weeks ago

jen @bigdaddyquesadilla


53 2 weeks ago

ImHonor @imhonor

ANNOYINGLY relatable

113 2 weeks ago

Patricia Sconez @isabellasconez

If this isn’t the most accurate thing

82 2 weeks ago

jdsbskkk @jdsbskkk

SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my skin during the summer was AMAZING then i broke out 3 days before school started

96 2 weeks ago

Nayeli Rios @nayeli.riossm


1 1 week ago

04/16 @senattii

mine is the opposite

3 2 weeks ago

tess @kittytittygirl


16 2 weeks ago