guys forever 21 going out of business sale is CRAZY

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bella @sativataurus

nah theyre about to file for bankruptcy

99 2 weeks ago

yikes @diiamondd.xo


4 2 weeks ago

christian @chrstanfbackup

rue 21 is good

9 2 weeks ago

♡Elif ♡ @elif.may.altun

Bro now it’s like 8,000 stores

3 2 weeks ago

🕺🏼🤡🕴🏼 @dixie_normous_69

Id rather go to walmart n get mor clothes for the same price 🙌🏼 wally world is superior

1 2 weeks ago

🕺🏼🤡🕴🏼 @dixie_normous_69

I wont let society forget than champion used to be sold @ walmart n now its popular asf

1 2 weeks ago

🦋 @danicasmithh

online shopping outmarkets rl stores

1 2 weeks ago

Kaitlin @kaitlinbyrnes_

nah they filed for bankruptcy

1 2 weeks ago

chloe @cheesymac_

aeropostale supposedly went out of buisness 2 years ago and the one where i live had “everything must go signs” but it’s still up

1 2 weeks ago

welcome to fun town @spongebob.loser.pants

YES mine shut down!!

1 2 weeks ago

swag daddy 123🤪🤪 @fa1thyb

if they didn’t put “i love tacos” on every shirt, THIS WOULDNT HAPPEN HSDJDBD LMFAOOO

19601 2 weeks ago

kat @softandangst

lol bye bye forever 21, guess you weren’t forever

1008 2 weeks ago

GustoGhost @gustoghost

It must be a regional thing ...

13829 2 weeks ago

Justin English @guacamolethong

I love how I found out about this on tiktok

14436 2 weeks ago

Ari @glosstuned

Temporary 21 😍

258 2 weeks ago

🕺🏼🤡🕴🏼 @dixie_normous_69

Am i the only one who thinks that forever 21 doesnt have clothes cute enough to cost 12.50 per shirt

5526 2 weeks ago

Amelia @ameliaglassberg

that’s what they get for putting diet bars in plus size packages

2169 2 weeks ago

I’m A Dude @joyfulpapaya

Isn’t cause Ariana grande sued them for $10m

16 1 week ago

gia @vscolife

do not tell me that the company itself is closing

539 2 weeks ago

🥵 @fatgoatcoochiefats

Okay but this should be brandy melville not forever21

107 2 weeks ago