And I oop #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #clapback #distorted

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Wendell Miller @wendell13miller

I’ve never watched a single video of yours ever but I guess great minds think alike

17 2 weeks ago

the one and only @coffabean


27 2 weeks ago

yuh ♡ @janessaafinessaa

I was gonna say the same thing💀

3 1 week ago

Ray🦋 @swavy.rayy


2 2 weeks ago

Wendell Miller @wendell13miller

Bet this next tik tok gonna be for you

6 1 week ago

JK @lucasalvarado98

Screaming rn😂

1 1 week ago

Stephanie @esthefanielynn

Ded @ evelin

1 2 weeks ago

aliyahp12 @aliyahp12


1 1 week ago

The ants😡🐜 @jihyowo7

Why it always the aunt lmaooo

3237 2 weeks ago

Wendell Miller @wendell13miller

Mismatched or mix matched idk just enjoy the vid😭

714 2 weeks ago

Tatiana Serrano 🦋 @tatianaserran0

He really did her like dat 😭😭

412 2 weeks ago

Nia @its_meee_nia

This one got me 😂😂😂

587 2 weeks ago

nic @breadeater46

Ok this was my video first.

264 2 weeks ago

Wendell Miller @wendell13miller

Guys I love my aunts it’s just part of the trend😭

133 2 weeks ago

Bartek Olewiński @twojstaryharnas


1 5 days ago

yung vape god @yungvapegod_


2 2 weeks ago

father @lowincomesingledad


120 2 weeks ago

Stonks @stonkmarketer


89 2 weeks ago

SadDeppresed😭😭💔💔 @fgw_blackknight1

Give me second gotta call 911 for this manz aunt😮😮😮😬

0 2 weeks ago

Mandi Nicole Owens @greeneyequeen15

He hates his aunt 😂

0 2 weeks ago